Near Home Gaurd Office Haziwali Marg ICIC Computer Center Vidisha (M.P.)464001, India.

ICIC Computer Center

Welcome toICIC Computer Center

" Chairman of ICIC Computer Center " "Our mission is to Educate and Train students to enable them to face the Global competition and to install high patterns of Discipline & Ethics with the help involved management and Dedicated Faculty members" Sports and Extra Curricular Activities: Study and sports are two linked components of our learning process and will always be important for an individual. A healthy is rightly said that a healthy nation can be built if most of the citizens are physically fit... It is my great pleasure to welcome you all to ICIC COMPUTER CENTER, that does not confer degree along, but creates thinkers & dreamers of tomorrow . We not only teach subjects, We create inquisitiveness amongst your minds, which remains a lifelong asset in our students. We inculcate an attitude amongst our students, which transcends the young minds, from job seekers to service providers. The environment of learning in the campus makes our students,necessary ingredient..Thanks..

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